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May 12, 2005 |

Capturing Broad-Range NMR
The new Varian NMR System incorporates an innovative data acquisition control platform, which improves the rate of implementation of complex, information-rich NMR experiments to assist a broader customer base. The instrument is available at field strengths ranging from 300 MHz to 900 MHz and is used for applications such as protein structure, function and dynamics, small-molecule structure elucidation, and mixture analysis studies. At the core of the Varian NMR System is Varian’s DirectDrive architecture, which enables up to a tenfold gain in throughput and is scalable for adding modules as customer needs change.
Vendor: Varian
Product:  Varian NMR System
Availability: Now
For more information:  650-424-5020

Linking Clinical Data with eCaselink

DSG has released the newest version of its EDC technology, eCaseLink 6.0, which builds on eCaseLink’s pioneering software and adds a medical record imaging technology that allows users to review and integrate images with clinical data. According to the company, this software is the first and only in the data management industry that provides immediate cross-form, cross-visit, or server edits without requiring the site user to submit, and does not require eCaseLink client software. The eCaseLink page-by-page technology allows for mid-study changes, additions, and savable interfaces without study interruptions or downtime.
Vendor: DSG
Product: eCaseLinkv 6.0
Availability: Now
For more information: 610-676-0386

Express Software Makes Integration EZ

Eksigent Technologies has introduced an enhanced software platform for its ExpressLC-100 HPLC System. The Eksigent Control Software v. 2.06 features a new user interface, peak labeling, improved methods development tools, and manual baseline editing. It also delivers a range of extended functionality, including seamless integration with Scientific Software’s EZChrom Elite chromatography data system. The company says its ExpressLC-100 users can now easily access a wide range of data processing capabilities, including multi-level quantitation, qualitative spectral analysis, system suitability, and client/server implementation.
Vendor: Eksigent Technologies
Product: Eksigent Control Software v2.06 
Availability: Now
For more information: 888-626-6356 

Computational Solutions with Expressionist

Genedata released a new version of Genedata Expressionist, a computational solution supporting biomarker discovery and in silico prediction. The software integrates metabolomic, proteomic, and transcriptomic data, leveraging synergies between research teams that collaborate in biomarker discovery and development. Biological data analysis and interpretation is supported through extensive functional annotation and the integration of in silico tools for analyzing metabolic and signal transduction pathways.
Vendor: Genedata
Product:  Genedata Expressionist
Availability: Now
For more information: 650-246-3888 

Hybrid MS Optimizes Ion Transport to TOF

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has introduced the LCMS-IT-TOF, a novel hybrid LC/mass spectrometer for biomarker discovery, metabolite identification, and proteomics research. Coupling atmospheric pressure ionization with ion-trap and time-of-flight technologies, the LCMS-IT-TOF produces high mass accuracy and high mass resolution (10,000 at 1000 m/z) independent of MS mode. The LCMS-IT-TOF is designed to maximize sensitivity by optimizing the ion transport to the TOF analyzer.
Vendor: Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
Product:  LCMS-IT-TOF Liquid Chromatography / Mass Spectrometer
Availability: Now
For more information: 1-800-477-1227

May the Force Be with You

Bruker BioSpin has added a new 850 US2 MHz standard bore actively shielded magnet to its line of ultra-field NMR systems. Positioned above the field strength of existing 800 US2 magnets, the 850 US2 magnet allows structural biology and solid-state NMR researchers to push for ultra-field NMR capabilities at intermediate budgets, while retaining the advantages of actively shielded magnets. It combines Bruker BioSpin’s UltraShield and UltraStabilized technologies, reducing the magnetic stray field by an order of magnitude in volume and creating a smaller footprint than non-shielded magnets.
Vendor: Bruker BioSpin 
Product:  850 US2 MHz Actively Shielded Magnet
Availability: Now
For more information: 978-667-9580 

Empowering Software

Waters’ new Empower Software for the Agilent 6850 Series Gas Chromatographs is giving scientists who favor the features of Empower Software another choice for managing their GC data analysis and instrument control needs. Scientists can standardize instrument control under one central data system for all chromatography labs, thereby simplifying the process of acquiring and managing scientific results. According to the company, Empower Software increases lab productivity and reduces training and capital equipment costs without necessitating downtime for training, re-engineering workflows, or setting up new workstations to support new instrumentation.
Vendor: Waters
Product:  Empower Software
Availability: Now
For more information: 800-252-4752 

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