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Applied Biosystems announced a collaborative research study with the FDA’s National Center for Toxicological Research (FDA/NCTR), in which ABI will investigate the toxicity of a common class of diabetes drugs using samples provided by the FDA/NCTR. ABI will use its Expression Array System to investigate the molecular basis of liver toxicity associated with certain diabetes drugs, such as troglitazone (Rezulin).

ParAllele BioScience has introduced a highly multiplexed assay to include 10,000 non-synonymous SNPs that can be used in human genotyping studies. The new panel represents more than 8,000 of the human genes with SNPs that code for amino acid changes. For a wider commercial release, the panel is being jointly developed by Affymetrix, and is currently in early-access testing.
Agencourt Bioscience and Amplicon Express have formed a strategic alliance, under which they will co-market a suite of BAC library services. Amplicon will provide BAC library construction, fingerprinting, nylon filter arraying, clone picking, and pooling. Agencourt will offer high- and low-throughput sequencing services, including end sequencing and shotgun.

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