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Cisco Systems announced it would acquire InfiniBand switch vendor Topspin. Cisco reports the acquisition will strengthen its ability to provide networking technology to users to “build data centers in flexible, grid-like fashion.” InfiniBand switching products will complement Cisco’s
Catalyst Ethernet switches. 

The Blueprint Initiative released SMID-Genomes, an extension of its Small-Molecule Interaction Database (SMID), to expedite antimicrobial drug discovery. “SMID-Genomes puts the focus on the small molecule and rapidly scans fully or partially sequenced genomes from hundreds of organisms for potential binding activity,” says Blueprint director Christopher Hogue. The tool allows scientists to narrow possibilities rapidly and focus only the most likely candidates.

LION Bioscience AG will sell its bioinformatics business — the question is to whom. The company’s management and supervisory boards have decided to conduct a structured tender, and say several companies have expressed interest. A potential and alternative management buyout has been deferred. Dr. Thure Etzold, CEO of LION, will resign from the board in the near future.

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