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Desktop Functionality

Sept. 13, 2007 | ChemBioOffice 2008, the latest release of CambridgeSoft’s full suite of integrated scientific desktop applications, includes three core applications: ChemBioDraw, ChemBio3D and ChemBioViz. The suite also offers desktop versions of CambridgeSoft’s Enterprise applications such as E-Notebook Ultra, BioAssay Ultra, Inventory Ultra. These are designed to deliver much of the functionality of CambridgeSoft’s enterprise level applications of these products to individual scientists at their desktops. The suite also includes access to a number of important online databases such as ChemACX (for up-to-date product information from chemical vendors) and the ChemIndex compound reference database.

Product: ChemBioOffice 2008

Company: CambridgeSoft

Available: Now

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