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Third Pump's a Charm

Sept 15, 2005 | Eksigent Technologies has introduced the NanoLC-1D Plus liquid chromatography system for nanospray mass spec analysis, configured with a third pump for rapid sample loading and washing. Ideal for proteomics and biomarker discovery applications, the NanoLC-1D Plus system allows sample loading at higher flow rates, for significant time savings and flexibility. Operation of the third pump is incorporated into the Eksigent Control Software. The NanoLC-1D Plus also features a new pump and control technology that allow precise operation at higher pressure for higher resolution in nanobore columns. It also incorporates an innovative flow meter design that improves flow precision for a wider range of mobile phases.

Vendor: Eksigent Technologies

Product: NanoLC-1D Plus Liquid Chromatography

Availability: Now

For more information: (888) 626-6356;

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