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Bridging the Gap with GoldenGate

April 14, 2006 | Illumina has expanded its GoldenGate Genotyping Portfolio with three new SNP assay panels designed to allow researchers to study genetic variation and help to better understand how certain genotypes impact disease. Developed in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute, Illumina’s GoldenGate Cancer Panel can genotype 1,421 loci on more than 400 genes thought to be related to disease progression. Its two GoldenGate Mouse Linkage Mapping Panels include one with 377 validated SNP loci optimized for the 10 most common inbred mouse strains used in genetic mapping and a second with 1,449 loci providing higher resolution and broader mapping capabilities. Illumina has also introduced a 96-plex Sentrix Universal Array, further expanding the multiplexing flexibility of custom GoldenGate genotyping.

Vendor: Illumina

Product: GoldenGate Cancer and Mouse Linkage Mapping Panels; 96-plex Sentrix Universal Array

Availability: Now

For more information: (800) 809-4566; and

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