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The GenSense Solution for Statistical Genetics

Feb. 12, 2007 | InforSense has launched a statistical genetics solution built on the company’s flagship product (InforSense KDE) called GenSense. GenSense will help meet the demand for a high-throughput statistical genetics analytical platform to help identify predictive and diagnostic biomarkers by analyzing associations between genotypic and phenotypic data. As whole genome association studies are becoming commonplace, analytics will be even more critical for delivering knowledge from these experiments. GenSense enables the analysis of data from the latest generation of genotyping platforms. It was designed to help researchers understand complex analyses, quickly find interesting SNPs, and produce reports with easy to understand graphical summaries and interactive visualizations of large data sets. The first version of GenSense supports data from both Illumina and Affymetrix and supports links to standard genomics data sources such as Entrez Gene, HapMap and dbSNPs.

Product: GenSense

Company: InforSense

Available: First quarter of 2007

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