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Intel Targets Multi-Core Applications

Aug 15, 2005 | Eyeing what it believes will be a big interest in multi-core processor systems, Intel announces the Intel Compilers version 9.0 for C++ and Fortran. The new compiler software is designed to help developers create Linux and Windows applications that take advantage of performance-enhancing features such as multi-threading and Hyper-Threading technologies. For example, the Intel Compilers version 9.0 includes an auto-parallelization option that automatically looks for places in applications to create multiple execution threads (the software supports OpenMP, an industry standard that simplifies the creation and management of multi-threaded applications). The compilers are designed to help developers improve the performance of applications written to run on computers ranging from handheld devices to laptops, desktops, servers, and supercomputers.

Vendor: Intel

Product: Intel C++ and Fortran Compilers version 9.0

Availability: Now

For more information: (800) 538-3373;

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