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Pro MST: A Pro at Proteomics

Aug 15, 2005 | Nonlinear Dynamics introduces its extended protein informatics solution, Pro MST, which is designed to support the proteomics workflow to store, manage, and mine the vast quantities of data generated during 2-D gel and mass spectrometry (MS) experiments. Pro MST enables users to streamline data flow from sample preparation through gel running, spot picking, and MS using three flexible modules. The Sample Tracking, Query Tool, and Mass Spec modules are used for sample and experimental data entry, mining stored analysis results, and linking MS-based protein identities back to 2-D-gel-based data, respectively. Because of its flexible structure, Pro MST can be deployed throughout an institute to accommodate single- or multiple-user access.

Vendor: Nonlinear Dynamics

Product: Pro MST

Availability: Now

For more information: (919) 313-4556;

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