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Solutions for Superior Quantitative Protein Analysis

Nov. 13, 2007 | ExacTag Analysis Software version 3.0 expands PerkinElmer’s ExacTag product line. “[ExacTag] is the highest multiplexing mass tag technology available in the marketplace. You can simultaneously analyze up to ten samples,” says Peter Banks, technology and business development manager, Molecular Medicine, PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences. The newly released ExacTag Analysis Software version 3.0 “automates both protein ID and quantification,” says Banks. “It’s a seamless data acquisition package that we have for our customers that allows them, if they’re using [protein search engine] Mascot, to really easily do protein ID and quantification no matter what tandem mass spectrometer they’re using.”

PerkinElmer also expanded their Phos-tag line of phosphorylation analysis reagents, offering a higher degree of sensitivity and selectivity.  Phos-tag Gold is a colorimetric assay for the identification and quantitation of phosphoproteins in solution.  Phos-tag Enrich is for the selective enrichment of phosphoproteins and phosphopeptides in biological samples, such as cell lysates. “It’s very easy to use,” says Banks of the Phos-tag assays. “This [assay line] is the only one that will work in both a 96-well plate and a microfuge tube.”

Products: ExacTag Analysis Software 3.0; Phos-tag Gold; Phos-tag Enrich
Company: PerkinElmer
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