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Premier Biosoft Releases Two New Tools

Nov. 15, 2006 | Premier Biosoft International has released two new products. The SimGlycan, is a glycan fragment mass fingerprinting tool that can predict the structure of a glycan from the MS/MS data acquired by mass spectrometry and display it in two dimensions. SimGlycan generates a list of all probable glycans, and scores the structure to help the user determine which results closely match the experimental data. The company also released version 4 of AlleleID, a tool made for designing diagnostic assays for both real-time PCR assays and microarrays. AlleleID includes support for designing probes for splice variant assays, including junction probes and intra-exon probes. Specific oligos are used that avoid regions of significant homology using BLAST search results.

Product: SimGlycan and AlleleID version 4.0

Company: Premier Biosoft International

Available: Now

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