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Sizing Down Sample Storage

Oct 17, 2005 | REMP’s Small Size Store (SSS), a fully automated sample storage and retrieval system, aims to address the problem of balancing the demanding capacity and throughput requirements with space concerns of small research facilities. Designed with random access of REMP Tube Technology consumables in mind, the REMP Tube Punching Module is integrated into the SSS for retrieval and reformatting of consumables at storage temperature environment. SSS enables cherry-picking to be performed at any time while the destination tube racks remain within the storage environment until requested by the user. It can be operated alone or in conjunction with a robotic system. The main application for SSS is compound storage during lead discovery and lead optimization studies, and customers can use it to store DNA and oligonucleotides in genomic studies or in pharmacogenetics.

Vendor: REMP

Product: Small Size Store

Availability: Now

For more information: (800) 460-7367 (REMP);

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