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SAR Modeling Just Got Easy

May 15, 2007 | Strand Life Sciences has launched Sarchitect, a SAR modeling and deployment platform which is designed to address the challenge of taking the model building prowess of computational chemists through to decision support in medicinal chemistry. Two editions of the Sarchitect product have been developed: Designer — for use by computational scientists, and Miner — for in silico lead optimization by medicinal chemists. Sarchitect Designer provides the latest methods in machine learning-based algorithms supported by workflows that guide users through building optimal models on their data. It allows assessing confidence in models and prediction by computing metrics such as, structure/sub-structure similarity, descriptor space similarity and chemical space comparisons. Sarchitect Miner enables medicinal chemists to use models in profiling molecules across various target properties, including popular ADME-tox endpoints. A real-time ‘edit & predict’ feature allows chemists to perform interactive lead optimization.

Product: Sarchitect
Company: Strand Life Sciences
Available: Now
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