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Teranode Touts Model-Centric Lab Data Approach

Aug 15, 2005 | Teranode announces the Teranode XDA 2.7 software automates data handling, flow, management, and analysis in the lab. At the heart of the XDA 2.7 is a concept Teranode calls its model-driven LIMS approach to running and designing experiments, generating and capturing lab data, analyzing the data, and reporting on the experiment’s results. To accomplish these tasks, the XDA software platform uses the Teranode Design Suite (a graphical design and automation tool), Teranode Model Server (a data repository), and Teranode Integration, which provides off-the-shelf integration to a slew of third-party products. Teranode suggests that the model-driven approach be considered as an alternative to a straight LIMS, database, Word document, or Excel spreadsheet approach to collecting, analyzing, and managing lab data.

Vendor: Teranode

Product: Teranode XDA 2.7

Availability: Now

For more information: (206) 219-3000;


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