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Weighing the Importance of Peptides

May 12, 2006 | Thermo Electron’s HeavyPeptide AQUA kits are, according to the company, the first kits that offer a complete solution both for absolute and relative quantitation of proteins by mass spectrometry (MS). HeavyPeptides are isotopically labeled, nonradioactive custom peptides for MS and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy applications. They can be used as sequence-identical internal weight standards for quantitation of proteins and protein mixtures. Developed by scientists at Harvard Medical School, the AQUA technique provides a perfect platform for absolute and relative quantitation of proteins offering ultimate specificity, accuracy and sensitivity. The kits have been designed with a precision of ±5 percent for advanced techniques.

Vendor: Thermo Electron

Product: Heavy Peptide AQUA kits

Availability: Now

For more information: (866) 984-3766;


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