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Tripos Brings Informatics to the Bench

Sept 15, 2005 | Tripos announced a new laboratory informatics product suite called Benchware. As the name implies, the suite is aimed at bench scientists and includes Benchware 3D Explorer, which performs chemical visualization and decision support (Tripos formerly offered Benchware 3D Explorer as LITHIUM); Benchware HTS DataMiner, which helps locate, define, and prioritize prospective leads from screening data sets (this product was formerly SARNavigator); Benchware LibraryMaker, which includes product-based library enumeration features for quickly pulling together compound libraries; and Benchware LibraryDesigner, which helps chemists decide which reactants to use when making compound libraries. Tripos also announced the Benchware Notebook 2.0, an enterprise electronic lab notebook, and Benchware Dock 1.0, software for bench chemists to perform real-time virtual screening analysis.

Vendor: Tripos

Product: Benchware

Availability: Now

For more information: (800) 323-2960;

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