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Velocity11 Speeds Up Automation

Feb 15, 2006 | Velocity11 has developed a new configuration of its BioCel sample processing platform, one of the most compact and rapid automation sample processing systems on the market, designed to automate cell-based ELISA procedures. The system dispenses cells into microplates and performs a series of alternating incubations and reagent additions. Automated control of intermediate plate batches, cell medium removal, and absorbance detection is also part of the process. The BioCel System has dynamic scheduling software, flexible liquid handling options, and the ability to integrate third-party instruments. Integrating a VPrep pipetting station, a plate washer, CO2 incubator, and microplate absorbance reader, the BioCel system can use VWorks software and scheduler to provide unattended automation of approximately 500 plates/run in a three-day experiment.

Vendor: Velocity11

Product: BioCel Sample Processing Platform

Availability: Now

For more information: (650) 846-6600;

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