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Project Summaries

Bio-IT World Best Practices 2005


Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (
Project Leader: Miriam Halperin Wernli, vice president, head of science & business affairs
Key Tech Partner: Artemis International Solutions Corporation
The Project: Integrating product lifecycle and portfolio management reduces time-to-market and maximizes return on R&D investment.

Bausch & Lomb (
Project Leader: Paul Loda, director, new product development
Key Tech Partner: EMC Documentum
The Project: Phase-gate process takes products from concept through feasibility, development, commercialization, and launch.

Diagnostic Products Corporation (
Project Leader: Linda Tucci, director of service, Instrument Systems division
Key Tech Partner: Questra
The Project: Software platform provides real-time remote device monitoring, diagnostics, and repair.

* UK Trade & Investment (
Key Tech Partner: GCI Group
The Project: Regulatory climate helps launch first public stem cell bank to afford global access to stem cell lines.



ClinPhone/ARX (
Project Leader
: Fraser Sims, QA & validation, ClinPhone
Key Tech Partner: Algorithmic Research (ARX)
The Project: CoSign enables documents to be digitally signed, offering FDA compliance, speed, and increased security.

Department of Veterans Affairs (
Project Leader: David M. Rose, MPH
The Project: Inexpensive but powerful clinical trial management system leverages current investments and scales to enterprise level.

DOV Pharmaceuticals (
Project Leader: Margarita Strand, clinical data manager
Key Tech Partner: etrials
The Project: Computer-based data management system allows for quicker clinical drug development.

 * GlaxoSmithKline (
Project Leader: June S. Almenoff, vice-president, safety evaluation and risk management, global clinical safety, and pharmacovigilance
Key Tech Partner: Lincoln Technologies
The Project: Online data-mining and visualization application helps drug company sift and sort reports of adverse events.

Janssen Pharmaceutica (
Project Leader: Louis Pozzo, manager of clinical trials and relationship management
Key Tech Partner: MediData
The Project: Complete, end-to-end eSource system helps conquer user acceptance and data security issues, making clinical trials paperless.

MedPanel (
Project Leader: Janet Kosloff, Sr. VP of sales
The Project: Clinical trial protocol review and real-time assessment of trial site feasibility shortens time-to-market.



Blueprint Initiative (
Project Leader: Christopher Hogue, principal investigator
The Project: Computational biology visualization system conveys complex molecular characteristics.

**Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard University (
Project Leader: Michael Reich, manager, cancer informatics development
The Project: Open-source software — GenePattern — accelerates pace of genomic analysis.

Children’s Memorial Hospital (
Project Leader

Project Leader: Eric Bremer, director of brain tumor research
Key Tech Partner: SPSS
The Project: Sophisticated data- and text-mining tools assist with brain tumor research.

* Pfizer Global R&D (
Project Leaders: David Hermann, director, pharmacometrics; Raymond Miller, senior director, pharmacometrics; and Daniel Hartman, executive director
Key Tech Partner: Pharsight Corporation
The Project: Simulation software helps decide the fate of cardiovascular drug, resulting in the makings of a new paradigm in drug development.



Bio Balance Inc. (
Project Leader: Richard Lanzara, president and principal scientific officer
The Project: Method inhibits receptor desensitization by optimizing agonist/antagonist combinations, helping to design safer, more effective drugs.

British Columbia Cancer Research Center (
Project Leader: Steven Jones, head, bioinformatics
The Project: Innovations in IT infrastructure, lab information management, and processing pipelines allow sequencing of SARS virus in five days.

Celera Genomics (
Project Leader: James Duff, senior staff engineer
Key Tech Partner: Discovery Innovations
The Project: GlassHopper information management system improves data integrity and provides easy access to key lab metrics.

GenVault Corporation (
Project Leader: Mitch Eggers, CEO
The Project: Dynamic Archive management system addresses problems with storing and transferring biosamples.

**J. Craig Venter Institute (
Project Leader: Saul A. Kravitz, director, software engineering
The Project: J-LIMS technology safeguards and optimizes high-throughput genome sequence data generation.

* Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) (
Project Leader: Dietrich Stephan, director, Neurogenomics Research
Key Tech Partners: Affymetrix and Silicon Genetics
The Project: Industrial-style SNP genotyping pipeline transforms localization and identification of dozens of disease genes.



* Harvard Partners Center for Genetics and Genomics (
Project Leader: Sandy Aronson, director of IT
Key Tech Partner: Hewlett-Packard
The Project: Integrated genomics gateway — GIGPAD — draws together research and clinical data, demonstrating IT’s pivotal role in personalized medicine.

Incisix Inc. (
Project Leaders: Stuart Heilsberg, founding president and CEO; Kevin Irlen, chief technology officer
The Project: Software tool delivers high-level clinical trials data analysis and reporting capability.

Serono (
Project Leader: Rael Paster, head of collaboration services
Key Tech Partner: Redline Networks
The Project: Clientless Computing Initiative provides company’s 4,600 employees anytime, anywhere access to enterprise applications.

Solvay Pharmaceuticals (
Project Leader
: Rick Miller, director, clinical information management
Key Tech Partner: SAS
The Project: Pharmaceutical company enhances worldwide drug development efforts with SAS.



Blueprint Initiative (
Project Leader
: Christopher Hogue, principal investigator
The Project: Rigorous curation standards and practices manage onslaught of peer-reviewed scientific data.

GPC Biotech Inc. (
Project Leader: Shahid Imran, sr. director, discovery informatics
The Project: ADAPT single reporting system changes the way biopharmaceutical company makes decisions.

Infinity Pharmaceuticals (
Project Leader
Project Leader: John Keilty, director of informatics
Key Tech Partner: Spotfire
The Project: Interactive data visualization software streamlines analytical processes and improves efficiency of drug discovery cycle.

MGH/CMIR, Siemens Medical Solutions (
Project Leader
: Misha Pivovarov, director-IT
The Project: Versatile information platform is useful for institutional clinical trials and collaborative small-animal imaging research.

* National Cancer Institute (
Project Leader: Jack Collins, manager, scientist, Advanced Biomedical Computing Center
Key Tech Partner: Silicon Graphics
The Project: Automated imaging workflow and analysis process accelerates study of cancer cells.

San Francisco General Hospital Core Immunology Lab (
Project Leader: Elizabeth Sinclair, director
Key Tech Partner: Biotrue
The Project: Flow Data Management System greatly improves lab’s productivity, providing rapid results to investigators.

Saronyx (
Project Leader: Patrick Lanfear, senior VP, sales and marketing
The Project: Application uses drug development process to integrate program activities, resources, and relational content.

Schering-Plough (
Project Leader: Wei Ding, senior scientist
Key Tech Partner: Insightful
The Project: Analytic Discovery Portal speeds researcher access to company’s experimental capabilities and large data repository.

University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine (
Project Leader: Richard Pon, facility director
Key Tech Partner: Xythos
The Project: Web-based software solution provides a secure, cost-effective, and easy-to-use data delivery method.

* Winner            ** Editors' Choice Award               

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