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Nov 15, 2005

Applied Biosystems contributed more than 400,000 PCR primer-pair designs for nearly 16,000 human genes for detection of DNA sequence variants associated with disease and other phenotypes. The primer sequences will be available through a probe database developed by the NCBI (

As reported in Nature, researchers from the Influenza Genome Sequencing Project have determined the full genetic sequence of more than 200 distinct strains of human influenza virus. The information, available in a public database,  is expected to help scientists better understand how flu viruses evolve, spread, and cause disease. Also, Acacia Research Corp. announced that its CombiMatrix Group has launched a comprehensive influenza DNA microarray as well as services for the typing of influenza strains, including H5N1 bird flu, using a protocol that requires less than four hours start to finish, according to the company.

Sigma-Aldrich launched Panorama Human Cancer Version 1 Protein Functional Microarray. Developed by Procognia Ltd. UK and licensed by Sigma, the microarray contains 130 correctly folded proteins.


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