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Smaller Fits Better with SciGene’s Incubation System

July | August 2006 | SciGene has introduced the Hybex Microarray Incubation System, which consists of a small benchtop heating unit with two removable chambers that hold specially designed racks for incubating up to 16 DNA, protein, or tissue arrays at one time. Arrays remain in the racks after incubation for washing and staining, thus eliminating manual handling that may damage samples. The company has also introduced the Waterbath Insert for the Hybex Incubator, which eliminates the need for hot plates or water baths to heat water or buffer solutions. The Waterbath Insert is ideal for washing DNA microarrays or for slides used in FISH/ISH, and has a working volume of 500 mL. It is easily removable, freeing up the heating base for use with tube heat blocks and microarray incubation chambers. The complete system is the size of a shoebox and weighs less than 10 pounds.

Vendor: SciGene

Product: Hybex Microarray Incubation System and Waterbath Insert

Availability: Now

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