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Russell Transcript: Best Practices 2008

By John Russell

April 1, 2008 | As this issue of Bio•IT World goes to press, judges are debating the merits of a record-setting 54 entries in our 2008 Best Practices Awards. We'll be announcing the winners in our next issue and producing a special report highlighting their success later in the year. In the meantime, our sincere thanks to everyone who took the trouble to submit their stories for our deliberation. Best of luck!

Basic Research, R&D 
Applied Biosystems; Christian-Albrechts-University - Pipeline for the identification of common susceptibility variants of functional significance for complex diseases
Applied Cytometry; University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute - Tumorigenic stem and progenitor cells, implications for the therapeutic index of anti-cancer agents
CLC bio; Laboratório de Imunopatologia Keizo Asami - Characterization of polymorphic and proteomic profiles in patients infected with HPV and crystallographic analyses of viral proteins involved with cervical cancer
King Saud University - Computer-assisted visualization and quantitation of gastric ulcers in rats
SGI; Malaysia Genome Institute - Upgraded lab to integrate HPC and cluster computing

Clinical Research 
CLC bio; Nationales Referenzzentrum für Streptokokken - Monitoring impact of vaccination against Streptococcus pneumonia on a national scale
Insightful Corp.; GlaxoSmithKline - S-PLUS graphics toolkit
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke - Protocol Tracking and Management System
Omnicare Clinical Research - OmnieView University
Perceptive Informatics; University of Chicago - Double Reference Tissue Method
Crix International - The CRIX Platform
SAS; Eli Lilly - SAS Drug Development Implementation
Society for Clinical Data Management - Good clinical data management practices document

Clinical Trials  
Abbott Laboratories - Enterprise-wide EDC adoption
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute - Migration to EDC of clinical trial data
Lincoln Technologies; GlaxoSmithKline - Clinical trials signal detection
MediciGlobal - ADapt web-based system
Medidata Solutions; Ortho Biotech Clinical Affairs - Multiple study build using RAVE Architect Loader
Phoenix Data Systems; J&J PRD Early Development - Converting Phase I trials from paper to EDC
TAKE Solutions; SkinGenix - Initial IND submission for MEBO

Drug Discovery & Development 
DOV Pharmaceuticals - Managing chemistry and compounds at a small biopharma
Entelos; Affymetrix - Preclinical investigative toxicogenomics
Genstruct; Sirtris Pharmaceuticals - Causal network modeling
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development  - ABCD: Advanced Biology & Chemistry Discovery
Lincoln Technologies; GlaxoSmithKline - Molecular-clinical safety program
Medtronic; Dolcera - Medtronic patent dashboard
Xceleron - Human microdose of a novel antimicrobial

IT Informatics 
InforSense; Curis - Drug development portal
Interactive Supercomputing; MIT Whitehead Bio-Imaging Institute - Multi-disciplinary drug discovery
Interactive Supercomputing; National Cancer Institute - Genomic correlation at the National Cancer Institute
King Saud University - SCEW, an Excel add-in for easy creation of survival curves
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - Tiered storage and archival
Registrat - REGISTRAK
River Road Bio - SNPedia
SAFE BioPharma; AstraZeneca - SAFE digital signatures and electronic submission gateway
Sage-N Research - Sorcerer 2
Strand; Agilent - Product development using avadis platform
TEMIS; Laboratoires Fournier - Text analytics solutions to accelerate drug discovery process

Knowledge Management
3M Terminology Consulting Services - Achieving health information exchange and interoperability with 3M technology
Applied Biosystems; Eurofins AvTech Laboratories - P4-AvTech: off the shelf LIMS for pharmaceutical manufacturing
AstraZeneca - Standardize screening data globally and make it available to all sites
Collexis Holdings -
Dolcera; Genentech - Innovation dashboard
Northwestern University - Managing your PubMed knowledge portfolio with a google gadget
Octagon Research; Wyeth - Submission Management and Regulatory Tracking
Pfizer - One Company Two Worlds: Bridging discovery and development information
The BioTeam; Naval Medical Research Center - WikiLIMS

Translational & Personalized Medicine 
Applied Biosystems; University of Washington - Biomarker discovery workflow
Helsinki University - Proton NMR metabonomics of diabetic complications
Integromics; Applied Biosystems - High-throughput microRNAome analysis in human germ cell tumors
IO Informatics; Cogenics - Discovery and validation of toxicity biomarkers
LabVantage; Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium - MMRC tissue bank
Merck - Breaking down clinical and research silos to enable translational research
National Cancer Institute - Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid
Physicians Reference Laboratory - COMPLeTe Care HPV
Tembit Software; Bayer Schering Pharma - GENOMatch: genetic custody and privacy



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