Contents: July-August 2009

Cover Story: 2009 Best Practices Awards
Ten of the Best: Bio•IT World’s 2009 Best Practices Awards
One Laptop, One Hope 

Best Practices Winners
Carpenter Builds Open Source Imaging Software
Jumping on Next-Gen Sequence Data Analysis
Trial Portal Tightens Bond with Investigative Sites 
Boosting Adaptive Clinical Trials
Integrating Lead Discovery
Ensuring Excellence with a Trusted Intermediary
Two Pharmas Are Better than One
Safety Works at GlaxoSmithKline
A Medical Decision Support System That Learns
Intelligent Drug Surveillance
Table of Entrants

Up Front
PacBio Nets Eric Schadt as Chief Scientific Officer 
Schadt still committed to Sage and Friend. 

Pubget Searches and Delivers Scientific PDFs
The new tool offers full text versions to partner organizations. 

Patent Rights and Civil Wrongs: The ACLU Lawsuit
Commentary | ACLU sues over the right to patent human genes.

Only Moore’s Law Can Save Big Pharma
Nothing Ventured | Up against opposition, big pharma must increase output quickly.
By Bill Frezza

Analyzing the Next Generation of Sequence
Insights Outlook | Steven Salzberg talks about managing the next generation of data.


Computational Biology
Heir Jordan
Microsoft names Les Jordan as BioIT Alliance director.

Computational Development
Remodeling the FDA
Pharmacometrics gains ground in the FDA and drug approval.

Infinity’s Informatics Solutions
Infinity Pharmaceuticals has the tools and imagination to be a success.

IBM Touts Clinical Cloud 
Clinical technologies benefit from cloud computing.

Clinical Research
Archimedes Turns Clinical Trial Models into RealityThe modeling project creates virtual trial populations.

Longevity and Agility
Health Decisions celebrates 20 years of adaptive clinical research.

Trial Planning: Drug Development’s Unsung Hero
Proper trial planning can save time and money.

In Every Issue 
Oktoberfest and Show and Tell
First Base | Bio•IT World goes to Europe, and Illumina steals the show. 

Two Sides of Network Biology 2.0
The Russell Transcript Experts predict both successes and failures.
New Products

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