Contents: September-October 2009

Special Report: Next-Generation Sequencing Informatics

Special Report: Introduction
Complete Compute: An Interview with Bruce Martin
Taking Next-Generation Sequencing Data to the Cloud
A Single Man: Stephen Quake Q&A
What Can Brown Do for Oxford Nanopore?
David Dooling: Gangbusters at The Genome Center
CLC bio Satisfies Next-Gen Bioinformatics Cravings
SMRT Software Braces for the Pacific Biosciences Tsunami
NCBI’s Sequence Read Archive: A Core Enabling Infrastructure 

Up Front
Pathway Genomics: the New Kid
Another contender in the consumer genomics game.

A REVEALing Study of Consumer Genomics Response
Alzheimer’s risk does not seem to affect depression, anxiety.

What’s in a Name
The Bush Doctrine Ernie Bush sets the course for conversations on pharma decision-making and drug safety.   BY Ernie Bush

Making Sense of Data
Insights Outlook Data mining is crucial to understanding the “Grand Picture”.   BY Herman A.M. Mucke


Clinical Trials
DIA 2009 Trendspotting
Globalization, adverse events, and successful sites at the DIA meeting.

Site Gripes and Solutions
Electronic data capture causes the most site frustration.

Phase Forward Acquisitions
The company’s new solution includes ePRO and voice response services.

Sponsors Run to goBalto
Site provides feedback on drug development partners.

Computational Biology
Celera’s Workflow Informatics
Automated workflows from InforSense are now a part of Celera’s DNA.

Computational Development
IO Informatics’ Working Solution
The software company builds a Personalized Medicine working group.

An Absorbing Proposal
Absorption Systems offers custom ADME-tox screening on demand.

Kuberre: Think Outside the Box
FPGAs move from financial services to life sciences.

Out of the Gate
Mitrionics’ hybrid computing speeds genomics apps.

In Every Issue
The Boys of Summer
First Base Summer and Fall: What’s happening at Bio•IT World. BY KEVIN DAVIES

Certara’s Translational Vision
The Russell Transcript Certara builds a “translational science company.”  BY JOHN RUSSELL

New Products 

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