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Sep-Oct New Products

Microfluidic Perfusion for Live Cell Imaging
CellASIC has introduced the ONIX Microfluidic Perfusion System, delivering a better method to culture cells on the microscope stage and control real-time media perfusion during live cell timelapse experiments. The instrument’s easy to use format and performance allows any user to run live cell imaging experiments with confidence. Cutting-edge microfluidics enable precise changeover between media solutions, parallel experiments for cost-efficient data collection and high quality CO2/temperature control. Cell migration and chemotaxis studies are also made possible by a proprietary chemogradient. The ONIX adds on to existing microscopes to deliver a powerful method for environment control during live cell microscopy.
Company: CellASIC
Product: ONIX Microfluidic Perfusion System
Available: Now
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Next-Gen Cancer Biochip
febit has announced the launch of the first human cancer biochip for HybSelect, febit’s highly automated technology for sequence capture, enabling targeted Next-Generation Sequencing. The new catalogue cancer biochip features 115 important genes which are reported to be associated with common types of cancer by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. A 2Mb exon cancer biochip will be available this summer and a 30Mb biochip is planned already for release in 2010.
Company: febit
Product: HybSelect cancer biochip
Available: Now
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Merging & Sharing Data
Tripos has released a new software solution, Benchware Pantheon, that enables discovery scientists to rapidly and accurately merge data from multiple sources, and then analyze and visualize that data for faster and better decision making. Researchers can integrate and translate various spreadsheets, merge biological data with chemical structures, and then use a range of tools to sort, analyze, and visualize data in 2D and 3D. For instance, a researcher could visualize the various R-groups that have been synthesized on a particular scaffold and e-mail a colleague a set of interesting protein-ligand structures and comments on them.
Company: Tripos
Product: Pantheon
Available: Now
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Building Compound Scaffold Trees
Altoris has introduced SARvision Plus v2.8, a desktop application to visualize, mine, and organize chemical data. The software automatically identifies chemotypes in a chemical library and organizes data in a compound scaffold. SARvision Plus comes with capabilities to filter data by scaffold type and by any other associated data such as HTS results, docking scores, or physicochemical data, and it identifies the chemotypes that satisfy user-selected criteria. Multiple tools including powerful graphics facilitate the task of identifying relevant scaffolds and compounds.
Company: Altoris
Product: SARvision Plus v2.8
Available: Now
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Precision Microarray
The NimbleGen MS 200 Microarray Scanner for high resolution (down to 2 micron) scanning with a 48-slide autoloader and advanced automation capabilities helps ensure high density arrays are analyzed with utmost precision and accuracy giving consistent and robust data. The NimbleGen MS 200 is a state-of-the art DNA Microarray scanner optimized to provide excellent performance when used with NimbleGen arrays. With a completely isolated and ozone-protected slide magazine in addition to high-quality PMT detectors, the NimbleGen MS 200 provides the enhanced performance required to extract valuable data from even your most demanding microarray experiments.
Company: Roche NimbleGen
Product: NimbleGen MS 200
Available: Now
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