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LabTech Debuts HCS Screening Services: Feb 24 






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Wednesday, February 24, 2010      Email to a Friend  |      Visit us on Twitter 
  LabTech Debuts HCS Screening Services 
  clinicalRSVP Detects and Stops Attempted Dual Enrollers 
  Counting Down to Bio-IT World Expo 2010 
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Cell-based Assays 
LabTech Debuts HCS Screening Services
By John Russell 

Encouraged by its thriving instrument business, UK-based TTP LabTech is venturing into the high content screening (HCS) services market. Besides a general uptick in interest around cell-based assays, the financial pressures on both large biopharma and smaller biotechs are already starting to make the move look smart.
"I was recently meeting with a large pharmaceutical company and one of their assay development scientists, a director actually, cut straight to the bottom line. They said 'we currently can't invest in the technology due to budget constraints, however we are generally looking at the more viable option of outsourcing; we can utilize different budgeting streams '" says Jason Mundin, head of LabTech's new screening initiative
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Clinical Services 
clinicalRSVP Detects and Stops Attempted Dual Enrollers
By Ann Neuer

One of the more intractable problems in clinical research is identifying which subjects are attempting to enroll in more than one study at once or have failed to meet the required waiting period between studies. Independent Data Integrator (IDI), a Florida-based provider of IT solutions, is addressing the longstanding challenge of identifying these so-called dual enrollers head on. With its Clinical Research Subject Verification Program, or clinicalRSVP, a Web-based subject registry, dual enrollers can be easily spotted and stopped from entering a study.
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Counting Down to Bio-IT World Expo 2010 

Bio-IT World Expo | We are less than three months away from the kick off to the 2010 Bio-IT World Expo in Boston, being held from April 20-22. All signs point to a brilliant event, with registrations pouring in and exhibitors scrambling for the final few booths. We hope you'll consider joining us. Read more 



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Expression Analysis Completes Illumina CSPro
| EA says it is now the only genomic service provider, globally, to be fully certified on all Illumina applications.

Waters-DAISO Deal |   Waters announced a collaborative agreement to globally market and supply DAISOGEL bulk packing materials for process chromatography.

Beckman Coulter 4Q Revenue Up 22% | 4Q revenue, including $120.2 million from the recent Olympus Diagnostics (Olympus) acquisition, was $989.6 million.

Agilent Technologies Genomics GM | Robert Schueren will become VP and general manager, Genomics; John Fjeldsted, was named GM, Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry.

Ingenuity Announces Weekly Updates | Ingenuity Systems is adding weekly content updates, and metabolomics workflow support in the latest release of IPA software.

MDS Inc. Divests Pharma Services | MDS Pharma Services Early Stage business is being sold for $45 million and other consideraton to Ricerca Biosciences.

BTC Releases AB Report | This review examines "Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control (CMC) activities and regulatory requirements" for development of monoclonal antibody products.
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StorNext 4.0: Technical Product Brief  
Proven in the world's most data intensive industries, Quantum StorNext is a scalable, high-performance file system which allows data sharing across Linux, Mac, Unix, and Windows operating systems and manages data in enterprise storage environments. Download Whitepaper   (Sponsored by: Quantum ) 

Predict or Perish! Shaping the Practices of Clinical Trials 
Predictive Analytics are a key differentiator in running your clinical trials successfully through 2010 and beyond. They will help you to optimize your patient enrollment, reduce your clinical operations costs and minimize your financial liability in the clinical supply chain
 Watch the webcast 

Technology Challenges and Outlook for Drug Safety Management in Clinical Trials 
This podcast will discuss the drug safety regulation challenges that the biopharmaceutical industry is facing in clinical trials and the emerging new technologies that can help researchers to address them. Listen to the podcast


Insight Pharma Reports

Outsourcing Preclinical Studies to China: Benefits and Challenges 
Author:Eric Meyers, MBA 

Within the past several years, a number of government labs as well as private and joint venture CRO's have or will soon offer preclinical GLP study services to Western clients. This report, built on discussions and facility visits to the most advanced labs, provides a detailed view of the current and evolving preclinical study capabilities in China, their structures and services, as well as an analysis of the comparative costs between US and China-based CRO's.  Read more.

Industry Trends 
Multiplex Assays: Evolving Technologies, Applications, & Future Directions 
Author: Ken Rubenstein, Ph.D. 
Multiplex Assays has generated a great deal of excitement in the past 15 years.  This report examines the role of multiplex and multi-analyte biomarker assays in translational medicine.  Read more.


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To have your product or service featured here, contact Lynn Cloonan for more information. 

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