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Expression Analysis is All Smiles: Mar 10 






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Wednesday, March 10, 2010      Email to a Friend  |      Visit us on Twitter 
  Expression Analysis is All Smiles 
  Amazon's Deepak Singh to Give Cloud Computing Keynote at Bio-IT World Expo   
  LabTech Debuts HCS Screening Services 
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Genomics Services 
Expression Analysis is All Smiles 

By John Russell 

Working in 2010, it is easy to forget the bumpy road first travelled by microarray technology to win respect.  In 2001 - when Expression Analysis (EA) was formed - the hopes for microarray technology were high but so was skepticism. Steve McPhail, EA's CEO, remembers the rugged road well.   Today EA is flourishing. Read more 


Amazon's Deepak Singh to Give Cloud Computing Keynote at Bio-IT World Expo

Deepak Singh, business development manager at Amazon Web Services, has been named as the third and final keynote speaker at the 2010 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston (April 20-22, 2010). Read more 


Cell-based Assays 
LabTech Debuts HCS Screening Services 

Encouraged by its thriving instrument business, UK-based TTP LabTech is venturing into the high content screening (HCS) services market. Besides a general uptick in interest around cell-based assays, the financial pressures on both large biopharma and smaller biotechs are already starting to make the move look smart. Read more 



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Fisher Scientific launches LIMS-on-Demand | The SaaS offering can significantly reduce the cost of owning and managing a LIMS, says Thermo.

Waters Offers New Agilent Services | The new services are for Agilent liquid and gas chromatographs controlled by Waters Empower Chromatography Software.

Genedata Adds Statistical Tool | The company launched Genedata Analyst, an integrated statistical and data analysis platform with advanced visualization capabilities.

MicroConstants Offer Nanosizing Technology | This CRO specializing in bioanalytical and pharmacokinetic analysis report the nanosizing technology transforms water insoluble compounds into nanoparticles.

Ocimum Biosolutions Adds Board Member | David U'Prichard, President at Druid Consulting LLC, has joined the company's Board of Directors effective immediately. 
Entelos, RegeneMed Release iToxFx | Entelos and RegeneMed announced released iToxFX service to help pharmaceutical companies rapidly screen novel compounds for potential toxicity issues.

Symyx Transitions to Pure-Play Scientific Software | Symyx completed the planned divestiture of its High Productivity Research (HPR) business unit assets, previously announced on February 11, 2010. 

Life Tech. Shows Early Sequencing Results | Life Technologies announced early stage results from its single molecule sequencing (SMS) technology at the recent Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) meeting.

DREAM3 Papers Published | A collection of papers from the DREAM3 systems biology challenges (Dialogue for Reverse Engineering Assessment and Methods) has been published in PLoS One.
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The Workflow Driven Lab 
Many companies have recognized that their internal business units operate as a set of business processes. These business processes are also called workflows. Modern Laboratories are highly suitable to this workflow driven approach. In fact, the lab environments successful operation is predicated on the successful definition and adherence to workflows. It could be said that a modern  laboratory is an advanced process implementing construct. It is important that laboratory management software mirrors the process driven nature of the lab thereby increasing automation, shortening learning curves, improving data quality and increasing lab throughput. Download Whitepaper (Sponsored by: Sapio Science) 

Curing Life Sciences Data Management Challenges with Scalable Storage  High performance storage systems are a given to meet today's life sciences R&D computational challenges. But with the explosive growth in data produced by next-gen lab equipment, scalability and long-term data management issues must also be addressed..  Download Whitepaper (Sponsored by: Panasas)    

Predict or Perish! Shaping the Practices of Clinical Trials 
Sponsored by:  DecisionView

Predictive Analytics are a key differentiator in running your clinical trials successfully through 2010 and beyond. They will help you to optimize your patient enrollment, reduce your clinical operations costs and minimize your financial liability in the clinical supply chain. In this session, you will: 

  • Learn what predictive analytics are and what they are not 
  • Understand why you need predictive analytics to run your clinical trials, 
  • Explore how predictive analytics will shape the future of clinical trials 

Download Now 



Insight Pharma Reports
Multiplex Assays: Evolving Technologies, Applications, & Future Directions 
Author: Ken Rubenstein, Ph.D. 

Multiplex Assays has generated a great deal of excitement in the past 15 years.  This report examines the role of multiplex and multi-analyte biomarker assays in translational medicine.  Read more . 

Industry Trends
The "Net Innovation Trend" and What it Means for Big Pharmas, Biotechs, and Generics 
By Mark P. Mathieu

Innovation is the key value driver in healthcare. Over the past 8 years, the pharmaceuticals sector has lost a stunning $593 billion (-65%) in market cap while the two sectors with innovation - biotech and med tech - have each added $71 billion (+46%) and $19 billion (+6%) in market cap, respectively.
Read more 


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To have your product or service featured here, contact Lynn Cloonan   for more information. 
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