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New Products March-April 2010

High Quality Sample Prep
Caliper Life Sciences has introduced the LabChip XT, an automated nucleic acid fractionation instrument. This is Caliper’s first instrument designed specifically to aid next-gen sequencing. The LabChip XT, developed in collaboration with leading genome centers, addresses an unmet need for high quality sample preparation techniques.
The LabChip XT removes a key bottleneck by replacing the tedious gel isolation and purification steps used for size selection of sheared genomic DNA. The LabChip XT and its integrated software utilize a multi-channel microfluidic chip to quickly process samples independently and without the potential for cross contamination.
Product: LabChip XT
Company: Caliper Life Sciences
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Predictive Modeling Software
Optibrium has launched StarDrop 4.3, an intuitive software offering advantages over traditional predictive modeling platforms as it specifically helps users to identify chemistries with a high chance of success and focus expensive in-house resources. Used by pharmaceutical and biotech companies and research establishments globally, StarDrop 4.3 guides compound selection and design decisions in all stages of drug discovery. By combining predicted (in silico) properties for molecules with measured in vitro and in vivo data, this integrated desktop tool enables scientists to rapidly identify and design high quality molecules to meet their project’s objectives.
Product: StarDrop 4.3
Company: Optibrium
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Clinical Document Management
Clinical InSite, a document management solution from Clinilabs, reduces the cost of information management, and provides novel workflow options that cut the cost of clinical monitoring and auditing. Clinical InSite is developed on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, and is a compliant document management application that enables users to capture electronic files of any kind, store them in a central location in customized file formats, and make them accessible to remote users in real time. Users store all study documents (e.g., protocols, amendments, meeting minutes, lab results, tables, figures, etc…) in one filing system that can be remotely accessed by all members of a study team, with change control, audit trail, polling, and electronic signature features.
Product: Clinical InSite
Company: Clinilabs
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Storage Solutions
Sans Digital, a provider of high performance storage subsystems, is introducing a new set of 4-bay storage solutions with Firewire interfaces in both portable tower and enterprise rackmount formats. The TowerSTOR TS4CT and EliteRAID ER104CT are hardware RAID embedded tower and 1U rackmount providing high performance storage capabilities for personal and business use. Both units incorporated the MAC friendly Firewire 400 and 800 ports, along with the original high performance eSATA and widely available USB 2.0 interfaces, for seamless integration with every type of technologically advanced PC and MAC environment.
Product: TowerSTOR TS4CT and EliteRAID ER104CT
Company: Sans Digital
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