March-April Contents

Special Report: Advances in Personalized Medicine
Turning the Titanic
Tailoring Medicine with Supercomputers
Ignition Sequence Starts
Profiles in Personalized Cancer Therapy
Convergence is Key, says PricewaterhouseCoopers
A Legacy For and Beyond Batten Disease 

Up Front
Little and Large of Sequencing
New machines from Ion Torrent, PacBio headline AGBT.

2010 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo
Genomics, IT, and health care live at the 2010 Expo.

Inside the Box
Helping Hands for Haiti
Chris Dwan gives a first person account of post-earthquake Haiti.

The Bush Doctrine 
Strategy? What Strategy?
Safety evaluations are moving upstream, but without much direction.

Insights | Outlook
Reducing Attrition In Silico
Late stage problems call for modeling solutions.

VisiGen Founder Sues Life Technologies for Fraud
Founder, stakeholders seek $300 million in damages.

John Crowley Relives His Extraordinary Measures to Combat Pompe Disease
Father founds biotech company in a Hollywood story.


Clinical Trials
Efficiency vs. Operation Readiness
Study finds ‘operational gap’ in clinical trial portfolio management.

Oracle Clinical Development Analytics a Game Changer?
Tool is designed to clarify targets and bring real-time intelligence.

Pen-Based Site Visit Reporting Solutions
Digital pens are the preferred workflow of most health care professionals.

Computational Biology
Testing Positive
Pardis Sabeti tags selection signatures in human populations.

Computational Development
Making Virtual Drug Development a Reality
Stromedix is built with minimal infrastructure.

Quantum Leaps
Quantum leaps into life sciences data management with StorNext 4.0.

SGI Sighting With Altix Sale to Cancer InstituteSupercomputer chosen for scalable shared memory.

Graphics Card Maker Turns to High-Performance Bioinformatics
Acceleration vs. clusters need not be an either/or proposition.

In Every Issue
Proselytizing Personalized Medicine
First Base New books from Collins and Goetz on individualizing health care.  BY KEVIN DAVIES

Tracking Regulatory Requirements
The Russell Transcript Shepherding a drug through the regulatory process requires the right tools.   BY JOHN RUSSELL

New Products
Illumina’s HiSeq 2000 Hits $10,000 Genome Mark 


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