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RDS Leverages DMPK Expertise to Thrive

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010   Email to a Friend |   Visit us on Twitter
RDS Leverages DMPK Expertise to Thrive
Thermo's Bold Bet on LIMS-on-Demand
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RDS Leverages DMPK Expertise to Thrive

By John Russell

It's estimated that perhaps half of all drugs brought to market by major biopharmaceutical companies are actually discovered by small-to-midsize players. Working behind scenes to help the latter companies move their molecules forward is small army of consultancies who provide needed expertise or capacity. Indeed, every Big Pharma layoff adds to their ranks.

For the successful ones, such as R&D Services Pharma Consulting, founded by Thomas Thompson in 2003, there are at least two keys growing a business: one is possessing a desirable expertise - in this instance drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK); the second is being nimble enough to identify emerging needs and to expand your skill set to meet the need - he is currently writing a chapter* on the emerging role of drug transporters in clinical drug disposition and drug interactions, and expects some of the information to be incorporated into the next iteration of FDA's guidance on drug interactions . Read more


Last Issue's Top Story
Thermo's Bold Bet on LIMS-on-Demand

For several years the LIMS market (roughly $400M worldwide) has been stuck in neutral. Indeed, depending upon whose estimate you believe, perhaps 80 percent of labs forego the use of commercial LIMS for a variety of well-documented reasons - high cost, year-long deployment efforts, inflexibility, etc. That's all about to change, says Kim Shah, ThermoFisher Scientific's director of marketing, informatics, and Thermo will lead the charge . Read more



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Accelrys, Symyx Agree to Merge | The deal is expected to be completed in late June. Accelrys has a strong modeling & simulation and workflow portfolio, with deep roots in chemistry. Symyx has strong ELN and collaboration tools.
Illumina Launches VeraCode ADME Core Panel | The new panel is designed to help researchers study genetic predispositions for differential drug response and adverse events.
Roche NimbleGen Seeks GMP Arrays | NimbleGen plans to achieve compliance with Good Manufacturing Process standards for its microarrays "followed by subsequent submission for clearance or approval of select array products to the US Food and Drug Administration."
Metabolon Gains Two New Patents |Claims in the patents are for uses of metabolomics to identify diagnostic biomarkers for depression and schizophrenia by profiling classes of metabolites in a sample.
Covance, EA Offer Testing Service | Through the agreement with Expression Analysis, Covance's Central Laboratory Services will offer genomic microarray testing as an integral part of their clinical trial services.
LC Advances miRNA Research | Its new Seq-ArraySM services designed to take full advantage of both the latest deep sequencing capabilities and the proven genomics tool - microarray.
Affy, Jackson launch Mouse Diversity Array | They report this is the first high-density genotyping array that enables researchers to study the complexity of the mouse genome and the diversity among mouse strains.
EMBL Gets into Movie Business | Name a human gene, and you'll find a movie online showing you what happens to cells when it is switched off. This is the resource that researchers at the EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany, and their collaborators in the Mitocheck consortium are making freely available.
Amino Acid Analyzers Offers Rapid Protocols | These instruments accurately identify and quantify free amino acids, as well as the amino acid composition of proteins and peptides.
ID Appoints Luderer CEO | Integrated Diagnostics, a personalized diagnostics company founded by Dr. Leroy Hood, named Dr. Albert Luderer as CEO.
BioClinica Purchases Transenda's Assets | BioClinica is a global provider of clinical trial management services and TranSenda is a provider of CTM software solutions and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.
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Next Gen Data Management for Next Gen Life Sciences Next-generating sequencing and imaging systems, while providing more insight into basic biological processes and chemical interactions, are also contributing to an explosion in the amount of data in life sciences organizations. That data must be managed, retained, made easily accessible, and safeguarded. All of the tasks can prove to be time-consuming if traditional data management techniques are used. For more efficient operations, what's needed is next generation data management.
Download Whitepaper (Sponsored by: Quantum) 

eClinical Visions - Clinical Trial Management: Enabling Operational Efficiency
Read how contributors from Genzyme, Duke Clinical Research Institute, Accenture, Oracle Health Sciences and others address some of the most pertinent challenges facing the biopharmaceutical industry including... Globalization of clinical trials driven by the need to reduce costs and recruit participants; greater outsourcing; escalating regulatory demands; increased trial complexity; and post-marketing studies.
Download Whitepaper ( Sponsored by: Oracle )

Video Reports
Technology Video Report: A Day in the Life with Remote Data Capture (Next-Gen EDC)
See why Oracle Remote Data Capture (RDC) Onsite is the next generation in electronic data capture with its user-friendly method to collect, clean, review, and verify clinical trial data. Providing unprecedented performance with real-time data capture, Oracle RDC Onsite simplifies source data verification. With a clear, consistent view of study data across all sites, the benefits include reduced monitoring time, decreased queries and discrepancies, and less time to database lock.Click to View Now!(Sponsored by Oracle)



Insight Pharma Reports
Outsourcing Preclinical Studies to China: Benefits and Challenges

Author:Eric Meyers, MBA

Within the past several years, a number of government labs as well as private and joint venture CRO's have or will soon offer preclinical GLP study services to Western clients. This report, built on discussions and facility visits to the most advanced labs, provides a detailed view of the current and evolving preclinical study capabilities in China, their structures and services, as well as an analysis of the comparative costs between US and China-based CRO's.   Read more .

Industry Trends
Multiplex Assays: Evolving Technologies, Applications, & Future Directions
Author: Ken Rubenstein, Ph.D.

Multiplex Assays has generated a great deal of excitement in the past 15 years.  This report examines the role of multiplex and multi-analyte biomarker assays in translational medicine.  Read more .



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To have your product or service featured here, contact Lynn Cloonan   for more information.

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