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Bio-IT World Surveys
2014 Annual Life Sciences IT Survey
In Bio-IT World’s 2014 annual IT survey, CEOs, IT managers, IT directors and others weighed in on IT budgeting plans, staffing challenges and concerns, product trends and their outlook for 2014. Download the results here!
Bio-IT World Surveys
Next-Generation Sequencing Survey
In October 2013, Bio-IT World conducted a survey within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector on Next-Generation Sequencing. The purpose of the study was to explore Next-Generation Sequencing platforms, software, cloud technologies and the challenges faced by those in the industry.  Download the results here!
Bio-IT World Surveys
2013 Annual Life Sciences IT Survey
This exclusive survey is the first in an annual series of reports in which we will diagnose key trends in the life sciences IT space by interviewing key opinion leaders in the industry.

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