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March 1, 2008

is continuing its collaboration with consumer products company Unilever to build a corporate semantic search tool. Unilever has been using Transinsight’s for two years, and hopes to leverage the company’s semantic technology to integrate both Internet and intranet searches. Both companies have agreed to include their jointly-developed search features in the public

has licensed its Lasergene sequence analysis software to the Coordinating Center for Infectious Disease division of the Centers for Disease Control. Under the terms of the agreement, Lasergene can be used on the Atlanta campus of CDC as well as at sites in Colorado, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. The multi-site licensing agreement builds on several years of partnership between DNASTAR and CDC.

Science publisher Elsevier has just announced the launch of illumin8, the first web-based research solution that integrates natural language search technology with content from Elsevier’s full-text scientific articles, millions of scientific abstracts, patents, and web sources. Illumin8 is built on a research technology platform from NetBase (formerly Accelovation).

Investors hope to draw bioscience business with the Translational Accelerator, TRAC, a private, Arizona-based $20 million bioscience venture capital group. TRAC investments will support firms located in Arizona or planning to move to the state with $500,000 to $2 million investments per company. The fund is supported by individual investors and the Flinn Foundation, a Phoenix-based private foundation.

Genetics has become a branch of information technology. It is prime information; it is digital information. It
is precisely the kind of information that can be translated digit for digit, byte for byte into any other kind of information.” – Richard Dawkins at DLD 08, January 2008, in Munich, Germany


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