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A new range of Fast and Sensitive Rapid™ ELISA kits - Get your results by lunchtime!

Product focus: New BDNF Rapid™ ELISA kit

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - Mar 4, 2014 - Biosensis is proud to announce the release of a new range of fast and sensitive Rapid™ ELISA kits for the quantification of BDNF, proBDNF and NGF. Get the same sensitivity and specificity that you are used to, but now with the ease and speed that you desire as well: Quantification in less than 3 hours, start to finish!

BDNF Rapid™ ELISA Kit (Catalog No: BEK-2211-2P)

  • Now measure BDNF in serum, cell culture supernatants and brain extracts in less than 3 hours.
  • Quantify BDNF in Human and Rodent samples against a WHO approved BDNF standard.
  • Pre-coated 96 well strip plates - use only what you need.
  • High sensitivity, small sample volumes, and great reproducibility.
  • Focus on your experiment - let us take the worry out of reliable quantification of BDNF concentrations.

Also available: proBDNF and NGF Rapid™ ELISAs, see for details.

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