Creative Enzymes Optimizes Screening of Enzyme Activators for Enzyme Profiling

SHIRLEY, NY, UNITED STATES - Aug 10, 2020 - Creative Enzymes, an excellent supplier and manufacturer located in New York, always hammers at researches and trials in order to provide customers with various enzymes as many as possible. These days, the product manager of Creative Enzymes announces that the company has recently optimized screening of enzyme activators, which can meet the most challenging industrial processes.


“We are happy to declare that we have developed many services recently, these services will have a better market prospects based on large demands and their specific features.” said senior scientist at Creative Enzymes.


Creative Enzymes is one of the few companies that provide specific identification services for enzyme ligands (especially ligands other than inhibitors). There is no need to mention the key role of research enzyme inhibitors in the development of therapeutics. However, in the development of enzyme products and the regulation of enzyme functions, other ligands such as activators are usually ignored. In some cases, the up-regulation of enzyme activity is irreplaceable for the success of drug candidates. During the development of enzyme products, an effective activator is also needed to accurately release and enhance the function of the enzyme under specific conditions.


However, finding a suitable activator is more challenging than finding an inhibitor because:

1) Enhanced enzyme activity usually shortens the analysis time and requires a large number of substrates for analysis.

2) Unlike inhibitors, activators may act through a variety of mechanisms, such as allosteric regulation or interaction with substrates, and do not necessarily have a strong binding force to enzymes. Therefore, most affinity-based screenings may not find the best activator.

3) The chemical nature of the activator may be very different from the natural enzyme substrate. Whereas an enzyme inhibitor often has a similar structure or the same type of structure as the enzyme substrate. This makes it difficult to choose a starting point for activator screening. Fortunately, Creative Enzymes is able to develop assays that specifically and efficiently identify enzyme activators, based on decade-long experience in enzyme assays. Creative Enzymes even offer high-throughput screening in search for activators.


“The nature of activator screening is highly technical. Creative Enzymes encourages customers to consult us for a free feasibility assessment. We promise to provide the most professional and comprehensive support in the identification and screening of enzyme activators.” stated by Creative Enzymes's executive vice president.


About Creative Enzymes

Creative Enzymes is a remarkable supplier and manufacturer in Enzymology field. Equipped with advanced technique platform, Creative Enzymes is able to offer high-quality and professional services for customers. Its products and services are widely used in academic and pharmaceutical industries. 



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