Creative Proteomics Introduces Advanced Gut Metatranscriptome Analysis Solutions

SHIRLEY, NY, UNITED STATES - Aug 10, 2020 - Creative Proteomics, an integrated CRO company committed to providing oncology multi-omics research services and personalized custom oncology research services, has recently launched its fully-developed gut metatranscriptome analysis solutions for the identification of key genes and gut physiology monitoring, as well as clinical diagnosis and screening for drug targets or for genes, enzymes and metabolites relevant for human health. 


With the continuous research on metagenomics, people have begun to realize that the analysis of genetic information alone is not enough to reveal the laws of life activities. Metatranscriptomics is a science that studies the entire gene expression of complex microbial communities in a specific environment and promotes the development of biology. Advances in gene chip and next-generation sequencing technology have revolutionized transcriptomics analysis, allowing us to gain insight into the genes expressed in microbial communities, so that we can clarify the functions of transcribed genes under specific circumstances and the activities derived from this function. Metabolic pathway data, how the final product interacts with the host, and the configuration and function changes between healthy and abnormal flora in the gastrointestinal tract. Compared with metagenomics, metatranscriptomics provides a more solid perspective.


“Creative Proteomics provides advanced technology and a powerful bioinformatics platform to assist our customers in the research of gut microbiota metatranscriptomics. The service we provide covers the entire issue, including not only the mRNA with the greatest activity to microorganisms, but also non-protein coding genes and non-coding RNAs to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the transcription products.” stated Creative Proteomics's product manager.


As one of the well-known service providers in biotechnology field, Creative Proteomics’s gut metatranscriptome analysis solutions utilize advanced technology and proven expertise to help customers meet their needs. Creative Proteomics can offer a series of gut microbiota metatranscriptomic services, including:


  • Total RNA Sequencing Service
  • mRNA Sequencing
  • RIP-Seq/Chip Service
  • circRNA Profiling Service
  • Small RNA Profiling Service
  • LncRNA Sequencing


“Our wide-range service portfolio is designed to bring a versatile and reliable platform for gut metatranscriptome analysis. In the past decade, we have helped our customers with hundreds of projects ranging from proof of concept studies to pilot manufacturing and mass production.” stated by Creative Proteomics's executive vice president.



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About Creative Proteomics

Creative Proteomics, as an experienced proteomics, metabolomics, and bioinformatics services supplier, has been well equipped with advanced technologies, in order to meet the increasing needs from researchers and scientists in their proteomics and metabolomics related researches.



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