New PG rating makes Integrative Genomics Viewer more accessible for compressed data.

CAMBRIDGE, UK, UNITED KINGDOM - Apr 18, 2019 - PetaGene, the leader in compression technology for genomic data has released their own version of the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) for Mac and Windows called IGV-PetaGene Edition (IGV-PG). PetaGene will demonstrate IGV-PG alongside other product innovations at the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo in Boston between April 16th and 18th. IGV-PG itself will be demoed by PetaGene co-founder Dan Greenfield on the Google Cloud booth #400 at the event.

IGV is the most widely used software for visualization of genetic data, allowing users to examine genetic variations on individual chromosomes and genes. Since the Broad Institute makes IGV available under an open-source licence which permits modification and distribution, PetaGene has been able to create IGV-PG.

On supported versions of Unix, the original version of IGV can be used with PetaGene compressed data if the PetaLink pre-load library is present. IGV-PG brings the benefits of working with the smallest file sizes made possible by PetaGene’s extreme compression to a significant proportion of the bioinformatics community. This helps speed up genomic data analysis and subsequent development of new treatments.

With IGV-PG Windows and macOS users can transparently view PetaSuite compressed files on local, network, and cloud storage. IGV-PG displays PetaGene compressed data in exactly the same way as original, uncompressed data.

IGV-PG brings speed and convenience to users by decompressing on the fly only the data in the IGV window or region that the user is displaying. Whether stored in the cloud or locally, researchers can access their data quickly.

As well as working with PetaGene compressed BAM files, IGV-PG allows regular IGV project files that refer to PetaGene compressed data to operate as normal.

IGV-PG works with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure platforms, as well as generic S3-compatible object storage. Cloud configurations can be set up and stored, avoiding the user having to enter their credentials every time they access a file.

Frequently used buckets can be added to the displayed list for added convenience. Conversely, buckets that do not contain relevant data can be hidden from view. The correct file types to load are indicated in dialog boxes to make data selection simple.

Dan Greenfield, PetaGene’s Co-founder and CEO commented “Our aim in developing this PetaGene compatible version of IGV for Mac and Windows will make our clients’ analysis workflows simpler and faster. As it integrates seamlessly with cloud or local object storage, the much smaller files created by our extreme compression can be viewed wherever our clients store them. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to bringing new products and features to the market.”

About PetaGene

PetaGene was founded in Cambridge, the birthplace of genomics, to address the rapidly growing data management problems of the genomics industry. PetaGene's software enables compression of huge amounts of genomic data without compromising on access or data quality. The company's products go beyond regular data reduction techniques and have twice been recognized by Bio-IT World's Best of Show Award for their industry-leading performance and usability. For more information visit or e-mail


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