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Cycle Computing Releases Data Transfer and Storage Solution

By Bio-IT World Staff
April 18, 2013 | Cycle Computing has announced the release of DataManager, a new solution that schedules and manages the secure transfer and storage of data sets needed for large scale computations. DataManager seamlessly automates data archival and retrieval from lower cost cloud storage solutions, such as Amazon Glacier. This enables users to more quickly and cost-effectively conduct a wide range of compute and data intensive workloads.
"DataManager is focused on security, durability and data awareness. It is protocol and file system independent,” James Cuff, Cycle’s CTO, told Bio-IT World. “The real strength lies in encryption and advanced technology for data management using complex metadata to locate files and data.” 
Organizations want to reliably and securely leverage internal and cloud-based storage solutions to ensure their users have local access to the data needed to run complex workloads. 
“We introduced DataManager to meet the growing need for scientists to more efficiently manage large amounts of data to foster new discoveries in their fields,” said Jason Stowe, CEO of Cycle Computing in a statement. “With DataManager, intelligent scheduling and automation can keep data in the right place at the right time for reference and future research.” 
Cycle uses DataManager to automatically move data using a variety of open source and 3rd party transfer protocols and appliances to utility HPC environments. “DataManager does for automating data scheduling at scale what Opscode Chef does for configuration management in utility HPC clusters,” said Stowe. 
“DataManager also controls costs and has a flexible chargeback model which also puts control into users hands who may need to recall archive data,” added Cuff. “DataManager manages all data scheduling and workflow, controlling when and where the data is moved to using whichever data protocol the customer wishes."
DataManager is now available for general use after being successfully tested and used in beta by two leading pharmaceutical companies and two of the top five life insurance organizations.
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