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Cray Acquires Appro for Cluster Computing, Increases I/O for New Line

November 9, 2012 | Today, Cray announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Appro International, the #3 provider on the Top100 supercomputer list. The deal will cost Cray approximately $25 million. Appro will become Cray's "Cluster Solutions" business, and will take on about 90 Appro employees. HPCwire. Cray has also discussed details of its next supercomputer, the SC30, and its focus on I/O (input/output). A new interconnect, Aries, will feature a new routing topology that together promise to dramatically improve internal bandwidth. The XC30 is due early next year. With Aries, each node is capable of 120 million gets/puts per second, which compares to 30 to 40 million gets/puts per second for the previous generation of Cray systems.  Computerworld
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