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Enrolment Update on the Million Veteran Program

November 20, 2012 | Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) launched the Million Veteran Program (MVP) in May of last year, and the program now includes more than 100,000 participants. MVP is a mega-database that will hold genomic and clinical information for future studies about veterans — more specifically, veterans who receive their care from VA and who volunteer to participate in the program. MVP now includes 40 of the 107 VA medical centers that have the capacity for research. As of October 29, 2012, MVP had 103,102 enrollees.  Of those responding to the request letter, 59 percent opted in while 41 percent opted out.  Notably, 14 percent of the enrollees were “drop-ins,” that is, veterans who hadn’t received a letter, but who had heard about the program and came in on their own. Health Affairs Blog 

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