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NuMedii: From Off-Label to On-Target

November 14, 2013 | NuMedii, the pharmacological data discovery company founded by husband-and-wife team Atul Butte and Gini Deshpande, has been hard at work searching for alternative uses for existing drugs. The premise of NuMedii is that seemingly unrelated conditions may have related genetic causes - and that drugs already in use for one condition may be turned to a second purpose if the same genetic pathways are involved. Human trials have now commenced to use the antidepressant imipramine to combat small-cell lung cancer, after successful mouse trials. By examining drugs whose safety has already been validated, NuMedii hopes to accelerate the pace of drug "discovery." NuMedii recently developed a partnership with Thomson Reuters to expand the company's big data analytics. Wired
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