• Herophilus Aims To ‘Industrialize’ Use Of Organoids For Drug Discovery

    Oct 14 | Bio-IT World | A San Francisco-based startup is using robotic automation to “industrialize” the organoid and scale up use of the next-generation human in vitro models in drug discovery experiments for brain diseases. The plan is to use these intact systems, inclusive of microglia as well as neurons, to go after genetically complicated diseases and apply machine learning techniques to find connections between the multi-phenotypic data that gets generated. More
  • Bio-IT World Issues 2022 Innovative Practices Awards Call for Entries

    Oct 13 | Bio-IT World | Bio-IT World is accepting entries for the 2022 Innovative Practices Awards competition. The deadline for entry is March 1, 2022, and the $300 application fee will be waived for entrants who meet the early deadline of January 14, 2022. More
  • Export Of Damaged Mitochondria To The Heart May Explain ‘Obesity Paradox’

    Oct 12 | Bio-IT World | Exosomal trafficking from fat to heart cells may help explain the “obesity paradox,” the baffling observation that packing extra pounds can have a beneficial, if short-term, protective effect for patients with heart disease. The cargo being delivered are oxidatively damaged mitochondrial particles that appear to prompt the heart to produce a flood of protective antioxidant molecules, better preparing it to cope with insults that later come along—such as a heart attack. More
  • Follow the Money: CRISPR, Next-Gen Neuroscience, Protein Platforms

    Oct 11 | Bio-IT World | CRISPR unicorn, pan-coronavirus vaccine research, chemical and biological weapons protection for warfighters, new methods for live cell research, seed round for a new drug discovery platform, and more. More
  • Amazon Genomics CLI is Open Source, UK Biobank’s Research Analysis Platform Live, More

    Oct 07 | Bio-IT World | New leadership at JAX, Illumina expands into Latin America, PacBio partners with The European Reference Genome Atlas, UK Biobank’s Research Analysis Platform is now live, and BC Platforms seeks to build the largest integrated clinical and genomics data biobank in Africa. Plus: new products from MemVerge, Quantum, Pure Storage, Sensyne Health, and more. More
  • Pistoia Alliance Gauges Life Sciences’ Quantum Computing Outlook

    Oct 06 | Bio-IT World | The Pistoia Alliance surveyed life sciences professionals this summer to gauge their understanding of quantum computing. They found that almost half classify their understanding of quantum computing (QC) technology at beginner level only. These results, the Alliance argues, show that despite significant noise around the potential of QC, few life science organizations or individuals are yet able to apply the technology. More
  • Trends from the Trenches 2021: Where Bio-IT Stands on Digital Transformation, Data Transformation, AI/ML

    Oct 05 | Bio-IT World | Chris Dagdigian wasn’t the only speaker at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo Trends from the Trenches session. He also welcomed Adam Kraut, Karl Gutwin, and Fernanda Foertter—all BioTeam or former BioTeam consultants—to report on trends in digital transformation, data transformation, and AI/ML. More
  • Speeding Toward Innovation: How Intelligent Search Accelerates Drug Development

    Oct 04 | Bio-IT World | Cognitive search—and the intelligence and analytics that go with it—could well be the key element for optimizing innovation and improving the efficiency of research, clinical trials, and regulatory processes. More
  • NIH Distributes $185M for Impact of Genomic Variation on Function (IGVF) Consortium

    Sep 29 | Bio-IT World | At the beginning of September, the National Institutes of Health launched the Impact of Genomic Variation on Function (IGVF) consortium, a new initiative of NIH’s National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). Now, NHGRI has named the first 25 awards across 30 U.S. research sites totaling approximately $185 million over five years. More
  • Trends in the Trenches 2021: Chris Dagdigian on Security Vaporware, Egnyte, and the Data Management Culture

    Sep 28 | Bio-IT World | At this year’s Trends from the Trenches plenary presentation, Chris Dagdigian brought an overview of the trends and a warning of the technology pitfalls facing the Bio-IT community. He continued to beat his drum on a few cultural issues Bio-IT still needs to address, and he alerted the community to what’s new and notable. More
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