• For Rare Disease, What’s Missed by Genome Sequencing Still Matters

    Dec 08 | Bio-IT World | For almost two decades, members of the life science community bemoaned something that most outsiders never realized: that the “finished” human genome assembly had never actually been finished. Now, thanks to remarkable efforts from the Telomere-to-Telomere (T2T) consortium, we finally have a complete human reference genome. More
  • The Last Mile In Preventing A Deadly Hospital Infection

    Dec 06 | Bio-IT World | The “power of the team approach” was on full display for a study designed to understand the contribution of asymptomatic carriers to the spread of Clostridioides difficile in hospitals. More
  • Bringing Your Research to the Market With Tom Miller

    Dec 05 | Bio-IT World | When Tom Miller was a professor at the California Institute of Technology, he built a research program centered around developing AI and data-driven algorithms to help solve chemistry and biological challenges with various research focuses. These scientific innovations led to increasingly translational capabilities, and Miller realized he had to bring his research to a bigger platform. More
  • Copyright Clearance Center Wins 2023 European Best of Show Award for Scientific Article Exploration Tool

    Nov 30 | Bio-IT World | The Bio-IT World community has chosen the 2023 Best of Show Awards Europe winner. The more than 300 event attendees in London were invited to vote for their favorite solutions, and they chose to honor RightFind XML from Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) as the 2023 honoree. More
  • Follow the Money: AI-Designed De Novo Therapeutics, Spatial Technology, DNA Platform for Rheumatoid Arthritis, More

    Nov 30 | Bio-IT World | Absci and Almirall announced a drug discovery partnership aimed to develop and commercialize AI-designed therapeutics to fight chronic and debilitating dermatological diseases; Stellaromics is developing next-generation spatial technology that promises to accelerate the development of fundamentally novel drug treatments, including for autoimmune diseases, cancer, and more; Aqtual intends to expand its platform that evaluates protein regulation, epigenetics, and transcriptomics; more. More
  • Greenphire, Florence Healthcare Team Up; Illumina Partnerships; Oxford Nanopore Develops New Data Technology

    Nov 29 | Bio-IT World | Greenphire and Florence Healthcare announce a technology partnership; Illumina and Veracyte join together in a multi-year agreement; Oxford Nanopore Technologies collaborates with Fabric Genomics and Saphetor to develop data technology for research; more. More
  • NVIDIA, Genentech Launch Multi-Year Generative AI Research Collaboration

    Nov 21 | Bio-IT World | Genentech and NVIDIA announced today a multi-year strategic AI research collaboration to accelerate drug discovery and development. More
  • 2023 European Best of Show Finalists Named

    Nov 20 | Bio-IT World | Bio-IT World has named the Best of Show Awards finalists for competition at the 2023 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo Europe next week in London. New products from ACD/Labs, CCC, Medidata, ONTOFORCE, Sapio Sciences, and TetraScience will be on display at the event and the Bio-IT World community will vote to honor their favorite solutions. More
  • CRISPR Screens: A New Frontier in Drug Discovery, Research

    Nov 17 | Bio-IT World | In 2012, Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier at the University of California, Berkeley, and Feng Zhang at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard independently discovered that the CRISPR system could be used in human cells to target and edit DNA in a precise and programmable manner. This discovery revolutionized the field of genetic engineering and paved the way for the development of CRISPR screens. More
  • Owkin’s Generative AI Vision for Understanding Biology

    Nov 15 | Bio-IT World | Generative AI in drug discovery is primarily a patient stratification play. Identifying which group of patients might best respond to a particular drug can still be foggy at best. More
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