Lead Generation – Whitepapers

Another great lead generation option is whitepapers, this allows companies to educate and inform prospects and they can read the whitepaper when it is convenient for them.

  • Target your audience with our database of over 800k life science contacts.
  • Receive 100 leads minimum.
  • Provide us multiple whitepapers to hit the lead quota, which is most effective for clients that purchase quarter long or large lead generation packages.
  • Receive weekly client reports.
  • Whitepapers are promoted through dedicated promotion, newsletters and social media.
  • Custom whitepapers are available for clients that need assistance in writing whitepapers.

Which type of whitepaper works best?

According to Insight Pharma Reports’ Marketing to Life Scientists (Second Edition), 64% of respondents preferred a “technical features” whitepaper, 57% preferred a problem/solution style of a whitepaper and 50% preferred a competitive review style of whitepaper. Overall, 84% of survey respondents read to content that educates.

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