An integrated platform for all Translational Medicine data:
Using visual analytics and Tibco Spotfire to enhance personalized medicine and translational science

(Recorded on April 22nd, 2014)


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Translational Medicine is developing into a key enabling suite of data-rich technologies that is transforming therapeutic develop and clinical practice. While primary data analysis is well-addressed with current tools, relating those data to clinical context lags, resulting in inefficient exploitation of Translational Medicine data. In this symposium, we will propose an integrated information design to handle all types of Translational Medicine data and an application of Spotfire to analyze those data. We’ll show how this data integration can lead to novel insights about human health and can drive better drug development decisions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Defining Translational Medicine and categorizing all Translational experiments.
  • A unified information design to handle all Translational Medicine data.
  • Use of Spotfire to handle and analyze Translational data.
  • How this platform can help drive better drug development


Daniel Weaver, Ph.D.