(June 21, 2016)

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As new research techniques create terabytes of NGS data, the need to quickly, easily, and securely ingest and exchange large genome data files with the cloud’s scale-up capacity becomes critical. Learn how Bluebee overcomes this challenge by using Aspera FASP technologies and solutions to securely move large files at high-speed to and from multiple cloud and on-premise storage systems, regardless of where the data is located.

We will discuss how Aspera enables Bluebee to:

  • Be a major actor in High Performance Genomics
  • Securely process data in regional high-security compute centers
  • Save time and improve efficiency automation and substantially decrease TCO
  • Be easily integrated with its ability to embed the software and hide complexity from our customers


Jason WarmanJason Warman

Sr Sales Engineer

Aspera, an IBM Company

Jason Warman leads the architecture and deployment of Aspera installations, supporting complex use cases of high-speed file transport technologies across multiple industries.

With over 15 years’ experience in information technology and services, Jason brings wide experience in enterprise and cloud computing. He has held technical management positions at several organizations spanning education, healthcare and computer electronics. Prior to joining Aspera, Jason worked in both internal and external roles at organizations such as Harvard University, Sanofi (Aventis) Pharma, and Dell.

Hans CobbenHans Cobben



Hans Cobben is the CEO of Bluebee. He is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned executive, investor and enabler for start-ups and cofounder of a number of globally successful companies in the fintech domain. He has held senior executive roles at Alcatel, SunGard and SWIFT. Driven by his experience in technology and excited by the potential of high performance genomics, Hans joined Bluebee as a CEO in 2013.