(April 26, 2018)

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Webinar Description:

The advancements in scientific computing and healthcare are coming fast—from next generation sequencing onto precision medicine, “big data” and artificial intelligence. We’re embarking on a massive convergence of clinical analysis and information systems, and many are not prepared. With these advancements in technologies, comes higher demand for both compute and storage to degrees difficult to comprehend. An NCBI published study predicts that up to 40 exabytes of storage capacity will be needed by 2025 just to support the growth of sequenced human genomes.

Adapting to this exciting shift in science will require changes in the way we think about IT infrastructure. In this webinar, BioTeam’s Adam Kraut will discuss…

  • How science changes faster than IT infrastructure, and what we can do to keep pace.
  • Converged infrastructures and their impact on research productivity.
  • How machine learning and microservices are changing the way we architect Cloud solutions.

In addition, you’ll hear how companies are already supporting HPC workloads in hybrid cloud environments to increase analytic throughput efficiently. These workloads supply adaptability to changing research needs, integration into existing resources, and scalability to support growing demand for both compute and storage capacity.


Adam Kraut
Director, Infrastructure and Cloud Architecture

Leading BioTeam’s growing cloud practice, Adam specializes in cloud computing, HPC, computational biology, computational chemistry, and genomic modeling and simulation. He brings a passion for workflow performance, skill development, and enabling the future of research computing into each project he works on with BioTeam. Having joined BioTeam in 2009 after working in biomedical research at the Pittsburgh SuperComputing Center, Adam supports companies in transitioning scientific workflows into new information technology architectures suited for breakthrough services in scientific computing. He holds a B.S. in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

Scott Jeschonek
Principal Program Manager
Avere Systems, A Microsoft Company

Scott Jeschonek serves as the Principal Program Manager at Microsoft where he manages bridging customer requirements with engineering development. Scott also has more than 20 years of experience in information technology roles and spends much of his time now as a presenter and educator for clients developing hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Tim Carroll
Principal Program Manager
Microsoft Azure Specialized Compute

Tim Carroll is a principal program manager in Microsoft’s Azure Specialized Compute team, focused on developing partnerships within the Big Compute ecosystem. Tim has over a decade of experience in high-performance computing, serving as Executive Director of Emerging Enterprise at Dell and most recently as Vice President of Sales at Cycle Computing. Tim’s emphasis is on how IT infrastructure can help organization solve business needs and drive innovation.