(May 26, 2016)

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Join life science and genomic industry leaders -- the Statistical Genetics Group Lead for the National Institute on Aging and the co-founder of Google Genomics -- and learn how researchers use the cloud to securely store, process, explore and share biological datasets. Presenters will describe the process of building a workflow to support a recent study that processed nearly 200 TB of data for 6,500 exomes in just 3.5 weeks, compared to months on local infrastructure.

During this webinar you will:

  • Hear firsthand how the National Institute of Aging used Google Genomics to aggregate and process local datasets gathered from constituents across the globe to support Parkinson’s research, and created a high-quality dataset that is securely accessible and will power a number of future studies into biological underpinnings of the disease.
  • Learn how to leverage the cloud to gather global research datasets, overcome compute availability resource limitations, and maintain strict data access controls for large scale projects.
  • Learn how Google Genomics is helping scientists in cancer genomics, autism, and large patient cohort analyses
  • Be introduced to cloud bursting with secure datasets and learn how to gain performance and flexibility in workflows accessing GATK or Galaxy clusters
  • Understand the value an authorized Google partner can bring in terms of facilitating project onboarding, setup, procurement, billing, reporting and support.


Mike NallsMike Nalls, PhD

Lead, Statistical Genetics Group

National Institute on Aging at the National Institute of Health

Mike has over a decade of experience analyzing and creating large data collections. He leads a research group at the NIH focused on statistical analyses in large­ scale genetic and epidemiological data. A major aspect of his research portfolio is designing and leading international collaborative studies of neurogenetics. His group has been at the forefront of discovery in Parkinson’s disease genetics over the last 5 years. Mike offers support to collaborators through data analysis assistance and methodological consulting for a large number of major human genetics studies and public health institutes including NHLBI’s Exome Sequencing Project, the CHARGE consortium, and The International Parkinson’s Disease Genomics Consortium. He works extensively with Google Cloud and Google Genomics in particular, developing cost effective cloud­-based solutions for large ­scale data mining of clinico-­genomic datasets. The future of his research focuses on the evolving landscape of big data, predictive modeling and other cutting edge analytic methods, including integrating patient connectivity, as a means to identify a distinct path to disease therapies. In the past six years Mike has published over 200 peer­-reviewed papers relating to Large­ scale data analyses and was recently recognized as a 2015 young investigator of the year by the Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases and Related Neurological Disorders Conference.

Jonathan BinghamJonathan Bingham

Principal Investigator and Co-Founder of Google Genomics

Google, Inc.

Jonathan Bingham is Principal Investigator and co-founder of Google Genomics. Previously he was Product Manager for bioinformatics at Pacific Biosciences, and CTO and Founder of JIVAN. Before that, he worked for Sugen, a Pharmacia Company, where he mined genomic data to identify kinases and phosphatases, and Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he developed algorithms and pipelines for viral evolution. He holds a dual MBA from Columbia University and University of California Berkeley, was a PhD candidate at Duke University before leaving to start two businesses.

Greg Mazzu

Sr. Systems Engineer, Life Sciences

Avere Systems

Greg Mazzu is a Senior Systems Engineer for Avere Systems based in the Boston area supporting primarily life science infrastructures using Avere technologies. Before joining Avere in 2014, Greg represented Hewlett-Packard in product management and systems evangelism roles. After completing his degree in Management Information Systems at Northeastern University, Greg launched his career in network administration at Harvard School of Public Health before moving into consulting for Ibrix, a company later acquired by HP.

Doug SainatoDoug Sainato

Cloud Solutions Specialist


Doug leads the Google Cloud Platform program at Onix. He and his team help customers adopt cloud technologies and transform their business with Google Cloud Platform and Onix Custom Development solutions. Doug is an experienced software professional with more than 16 years’ experience developing, deploying, and supporting emerging technologies in various roles including business analyst, trainer, sales engineer, and account executive.