Biopharma tech strategies in an era defined by data and AI

March 1st, 2024

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Webinar Description:

The scientific landscape has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Scientists have to contend with large, complex data sets, compressed timelines, and increased adoption of smart technologies. These days, it's not uncommon for scientists to use more than 20 applications to do their work and for IT teams to support 100+ lab instruments. And FAIR data still feels out of reach. Biopharma companies that can implement a strong tech and digital strategy that creates connections, collaboration, and tames chaos, will be ahead of the curve in a new era defined by artificial intelligence and more complex datasets.

In this webinar, Malay Gandhi, Chief Strategy Officer at Benchling, and DeAnna Zacherl, Executive Director for Research IT at Eli Lilly, discuss hurdles that biopharma needs to overcome to deploy a solid tech strategy as well as the key technologies that companies are investing in. The discussion is grounded by evidence and insights from the recent State of Tech in Biopharma Report, a survey of 300 global biopharma R&D and IT executives.