Bridging Enterprise and Cloud Infrastructure for Effective Global Collaboration in Genomic Research

(Recorded on May 30, 2012)

Sponsored by Aspera

The full potential of the cloud to transform IT processes for genomic research has been limited by the inherent bottleneck in moving big data. Genomic research and high-performance computing centers can now finally adopt cloud infrastructure such as AWS to analyze and share genome sequences. In this webinar, learn how Aspera powers high-speed transfers, at full bandwidth capacity to, from and between remote cloud infrastructures enabling scale-out analysis, sharing, and exchange of genome sequences to realize the full benefits of cloud computing.

  • Transfer genome sequences at high-speed directly to AWS S3 storage for scale-out storage and sequential analysis using EC2
  • Distribute and share research results through the Web with Aspera Shares and the Connect browser plug-in
  • Replicate and synchronize results across campus and across facilities with Aspera Sync
  • Completely integrate with sequence analysis workflows using Aspera APIs


Michelle Munson, CEO, Aspera

Speaker Bio:
Michelle MunsonMichelle Munson, CEO, Aspera – Michelle is co-inventor of Aspera's fasp™ transport technology and is responsible for overseeing the company's direction in collaboration with co-founder Serban Simu. Michelle was a software engineer in research and start-up companies including the IBM Almaden Research center before founding Aspera in 2004. She has dual B.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering and in Physics from Kansas State University and was a Goldwater Scholar for achievement in Science and Mathematics, and later a Fulbright Scholar at Cambridge University where she received a postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science. She was the 2006 KSU College of Engineering Alumni Fellow (the youngest recipient ever), and has received national achievement awards from Glamour Magazine and USA Today. Michelle is also a frequent speaker on technologies and trends around Big Data Transport, Cloud Infrastructure, and Mobile.