(December 5th, 2018)

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Webinar Description:

How much effort do you waste during clinical trial protocol creation? How do you know? How do you fix it? If you’ve read any of our recent thought leadership or joined our session at SCOPE European Summit, you know that there are massive strides you can take today to improve your protocol process – across the themes of metrics, standards, and technology.

But what happens after you’ve made every tweak that you can? In this increasingly digital world, it's frustrating to be constrained by traditional word processing tools. However, making the shift to a truly digital process can be daunting.

Cognizant Protocol Creator is the premier solution for harnessing the power of digital to improve your protocol authoring and review process. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how this new product will transform protocol development at your organization by improving the authoring experience, simplifying even the most complex review cycles, and helping you get to a final, approved protocol faster – not to mention, opening the door to future downstream automation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover Cognizant Protocol Creator’s author-focused user experience that will delight your authors.
  • Learn how to maximise the work you have already put in to your templates and more easily take advantage of industry standards.
  • See how your protocol can become a digital asset enabling you to create structured output for downstream system consumption.
  • Learn how to improve team collaboration across protocol sections and how to gain additional insight into the true level of activity across the entire process.


Bob BrindleBob Brindle
Venture Leader
Cognizant Protocol Creator

Bob Brindle has 20+ years' experience in the pharmaceutical industry and extensive background in clinical trials process and technology improvement projects. He recently became a Venture Leader at Cognizant, where he can focus on solving the issues he had previously observed in his career in industry. Now leading the development of Protocol Creator, he spends a great portion of his time working with clinical trials leaders and protocol authors finding ways to simplify this complex and critical process and enabling digital adoption in the life sciences industry.

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