(Recorded on July 15, 2015)

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Learn how innovative start-ups are building business models based solely on cloud, and the tools that help them do it simply & securely. Everyone knows the large scale capabilities cloud offers, but accessing cloud isn’t exclusive to just the Fortune 100. While cloud delivers the on-demand computing power needed to help accelerate research -- accessing cloud still has challenges. From monitoring and reporting to auditing and compliance, the public cloud can help you manage your data to make better decisions based on your data faster and at lower costs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding & Overcoming the Challenges of Big Data & Big Compute in the Cloud
    • Data workflows/movement
    • Compute orchestration
    • Monitoring, reporting, auditing, and compliance
    • Big data storage & Data warehousing


Rob Futrick

Cycle Computing Chief Technical Officer

David Mittelman, Ph.D.

Tute Genomics Chief Scientific Officer

Moderator Information:

Allison Proffitt

BioIT World Editor in Chief