(Recorded on May 1, 2014)

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Webinar Description:

Semantic Web technologies are an increasingly important approach to integrating and sharing scientific information. Initiatives like EMBL-EBI’s RDF platform, NCBI’s PubChemRDF, TCGA, and Bio2RDF are making some of the most important life science data available for the first time in a connected graph form, not only allowing researchers to ask bigger questions across data sources that have historically been disconnected, but also creating the opportunity to truly integrate your own data with these public sources. This symposium is focused on various use cases associated with data integration in the Life Sciences, and how YarcData’s Urika platform can help organizations immediately take advantage of these emerging opportunities.

Learning Objectives:

• What is Linked Data? RDF in Life Sciences
• How graphs make data integration easier
• How this strategy used in the real world – success stories
• Enabling technologies that make this possible



Matt at YarcData  

Matt Gianni

Matt Gianni is a Life Science Solution Architect at YarcData. Matt is responsible for representing YarcData's solutions from a technical and scientific perspective within the Life Science markets. Matt joins us from IDBS where he focused on delivering data management and software solutions in Life Science, with a particular focus on translational research. Over the past 15 years, Matt focused on accelerating drug discovery using computational technologies and has held key technical roles with Elsevier, Symyx, MDL and Exelixis prior to joining YarcData.


Moderator: David Anstey, B.Sc., M.B.A., Global Head, Life Sciences, YarcData